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A Parent’s Guide to Help Children Deal with School Anxiety

School anxiety is more common than you might think. In fact, about half of all children will experience some kind of school anxiety during their time in school, and it can contribute to a whole host of other problems, including depression and low self-confidence. The following are some tips for how you can empower your child to deal with school anxiety:

Be understanding

You might not understand why your child is so anxious about school, but remember that they may feel like they're failing or being judged. Let them know that this is normal and that they shouldn't be ashamed of it.

Talk to your child openly about what they are feeling

Ask them what they're worried about and make sure you listen carefully. Sometimes children don't know why they're feeling anxious, so try asking them what the cause of their fear might be. If possible, try to help them come up with solutions for dealing with their concerns. 

For example, if a child feels anxious when they go into a classroom, a parent might explain that this makes sense because classrooms are unfamiliar and make children feel vulnerable. By understanding why they're feeling anxious, kids can begin to take control of their condition and start learning ways of coping with it effectively. 

Encourage children to express themselves

Another way that parents can empower their children is by encouraging them to talk about their feelings openly instead of hiding them away inside like some kind of shameful secret (which is what many kids do). Children should be allowed space for expressing themselves without fear of judgment or ridicule from others around them—whether it's classmates or teachers or parents themselves.

Talk about your own experiences with anxiety

Parents can empower their children to deal with school anxiety by teaching them about the nature of the condition. Children should know that school anxiety isn't a sign of weakness or failure. It's an indication that something important is happening in their lives, and they need to learn how to respond appropriately.

If you had trouble in school, tell them that you did too. Maybe you were worried about tests or felt like everyone was judging you, too. It can be helpful for children to hear that other people have experienced these same feelings, even if they don't fully understand what the child is going through themselves yet either.

Practice mindfulness techniques

As parents, you can encourage them to practice mindfulness techniques at home first before starting new ones at school as well (like breathing exercises or meditation). This way if something goes wrong during class time then the child will have practised relaxing so many times beforehand that it won't seem as scary anymore. This can also help reduce stress levels including fewer panic attacks as well.


Children feel anxious about school for a variety of reasons, but all parents can help children learn to manage this feeling by talking, encouraging, and supporting them. The more comfortable your child feels talking about this issue with others around them, the better off they'll be in handling school anxiety effectively over time. 

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