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School Shoe Technologies

We're ToeZone, and if you haven't guessed by now, we take pleasure in making shoes that last. Do you want proof? We put all of our shoes through over 50 rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand anything! What makes them so special? We incorporate ToeZone technology into each design to ensure the optimum fit, comfort, and safety for developing feet.


Since the 1970s, our classic styles have left their imprint on history, outfitting generations in every era. We value uniqueness and want everyone to discover a shoe they love, which is why we build our collections to be versatile while yet including the features and technology that define us.


We also want kids to be kids, whether that's jumping in puddles, playing football, or kicking back in the park, which is why we've made sure our shoes are up to the task. Here's what makes them so special:


  • Durable: A plethora of features that have been devised and tested to safeguard and secure small busy feet.


  • Comfort: A cushioned footbed and padded heel collars protect your feet from suffering after a long day on your feet. On the surface, it's tough, but on the inside, it's incredibly cosy.


  • Scuff Resistant: Shoes are designed with 'wear and tear zones,' which use materials that can withstand daily scrapes and scuffs while still looking excellent.


  • Premium leather: High-quality materials provide premium performance and even mould to the foot for a custom fit.


  • Anti-odour technology: Active technology that keeps germs at bay, resulting in cleaner feet and shoes that continue to smell good.


  • Stability: Designed with the support elements that growing small heels and ankles require.


  • Lightweight: Lightweight outsoles that provide increased comfort and make it simpler to stay on your feet for extended periods of time.


  • Reflective materials give enhanced safety by being visible in low light, which is clever, right?

Durable 360: Reinforced stitching, extra padding in collars, and reinforced fastenings make these models great for the playground and made to last.

We want you to know all of the fantastic perks that come with each pair of ToeZone's, whether you're exploring online or purchasing in-store. If you're still unclear, have a look at our infant and junior sockliners; we've written them down for you.


Take a look at our shoe styles in our Back to School Shoes collection.


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