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How to Teach Kids to Tie Their Shoe Laces

Teaching a child how to tie their shoes is never too early, so take a little time out of each day and make shoe-tying practice a fun game you play together while they master the art of tying laces. Make sure the child is sitting down when trying to tie shoes. The most important thing is for them not to get frustrated and give up. If they do, start over from square one. However, tying their shoe laces can be a difficult task for kids to learn. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to help them out.

Teach Them to Make Bunny Ears

You can teach your child how to tie their shoes by showing them how to make bunny ears. Have them make a bunny ear, then pull it through the loop. Then have them repeat this process on the other shoe with another bunny ear.

Make the Laces Tighter

When you’re ready to teach your kid how to tie their laces, first make sure that the laces are tight enough. If they’re too loose, it will be difficult for them to get a good grip on them and they won’t be able to secure the knot tightly. However, if they are too tight, then they will hurt when the child puts on or takes off their shoes.

The best way to ensure a good fit is by first putting on your own shoes and then checking how tight or lose you feel when doing so. Then ask yourself: could I easily slip my foot into my shoe without having to loosen any laces? If yes, that means that your shoe has already been tied correctly. If not—you should try tightening one more time before moving on to teaching your kid how to tie their own shoes.

Try Pulling the Loops Through From Behind

The loop you are trying to pull through is coming from behind the shoe and should be in front of it instead. You will now have one loop going on each side of your shoe, which you can use to finish tying a bow.

Use Different Ways to Demonstrate the Method

One of the most important parts of teaching your child how to tie their shoes is making sure that they understand what you're doing, and why. The easiest way to do this is by demonstrating the method in front of your kid so that they can see what's going on. You can take this even further by using a lacing tool, which will help show them where everything goes and keep things organized in a way they will understand more easily (and remember).

Of course, if this doesn't work for some reason or another then there are other options available as well! Video tutorials are great tools as well. They allow you to slow down and explain every step carefully without having any confusion about what's happening here. If you have absolutely no idea where else that could be useful then try showing them with someone else who has mastered tying their own shoes before another parent or sibling would probably both be happy enough helping out.

Make It Fun

Instead of telling them what to do, get them involved in the process by getting down on their level and letting them help. You can even turn this into a game where they have to tie their shoes faster each time before you finish your count or countdown from 10 or 20 depending on how old they are (great for older kids who need some extra motivation). Another idea is teaching kids how to tie their shoelaces while sitting down as well as standing up (this will come in handy if they ever need help putting on shoes by themselves).

Look for Shoes That Are Easier to Tie

If your child is frustrated with the process, look for shoes that are easier to tie. Shoes with elastic laces are more forgiving, and they don't need to be tied as tightly. Velcro straps also make loosening and tightening easier; if your child's shoe has both laces and straps, he or she could get used to using both methods over time.

If you want your child to learn how to tie his or her own shoes (and not rely on an adult), consider purchasing a pair of slip-on shoes or school shoes for kids without any ties at all. When you buy this type of shoe, be sure there is enough room for growing feet by reading reviews from other parents who have bought these types of shoes in the past.


After reading this article, you should be ready to tackle any shoe-tying situation. We hope that these tips have helped you better understand how your child can learn to tie their shoes with ease. Remember: teaching kids how to tie their shoes isn't just about practicality and convenience; it's also a way for them to build self-confidence and develop organizational skills. So let them practice as often as possible until they're pros at it. 

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