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A Guide to Buying Boots and Wellies for Kids

Children's boots and wellies become essential outdoor items that parents choose for their kids of all ages.  With many beautiful, modern, and outstanding designs, boots also are the apparel that protects a baby's feet from any possible harm and tough weather better than other types of shoes. There are a few things to consider when buying boots and wellies for your little ones. Let’s see below. 

Types of Boots and Wellies for Boys and Girls:

Rain Boots

A pair of rain boots is essential to keep your kid’s feet dry and warm for rainy days. Rain boots are normally made from rubber materials for shoes with simply designed patterns. However, these boots are not temperature protected but they are water-proof which is already perfect for those rainy days. 

Rain boots and wellies are not insulated so they should not be used as winter boots. 

However, they are easy to wear and take off. Sometimes they come in various colourful designs and lively printed patterns which make can be fun for children to wear. 


Snow Boots

In the countries that get now. Snow boots are very important for children especially when they go and play outside. Snow boots are often made from cold-weather materials. They are durable, insulated and provide warmth to children’s feet and keep them safe while jumping in the snow. 


Hiking Boots

Hiking boots for kids have the same features as adult boots. Most of them are designed for cold weather and indeed made from waterproof materials. The boots come in numerous styles or can be a simple pattern that goes further up the ankle.

Additionally, hiking boots that come with great support and traction in order to keep little feet secure and make walking through the forest easier with you during the adventurous family trip. 


Work Boots

Work boots are the perfect pair when it comes to children helping around the house. These boots also provide high ankle support and traction to protect children’s feet from accidents and heavy objects when working through projects around the house. 

How to Choose The Proper Boots and Wellies for Children 

The shoe sizes should be 1-2 sizes larger than the normal size. Children need comfort while wearing shoes. Make sure to measure the sizes properly before purchasing ones. 

Consider boots and wellies that offer high-quality materials including memory foam in-sock, and a non-marking outsole in order to help reduce the external shocks, slips and falls during their walking. 


Kid's boots come in many sizes and super fun patterns. At ToeZone Footwear, we have a variety of shoes, boots and wellies for little girls and boys to choose from. Checkout out our latest boots and wellies collection here

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