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10 Essential Items to Pack for A Summer Vacation With Kids

Summer vacation is often associated with relaxation and fun, but a summer vacation with kids can also be a rewarding and exciting experience. As you make plans for a summer vacation, it is important to have a packing list of essential things that you will need.

  • Clothing for summer

  • Clothes will depend on your destination but some common clothing includes T-shirts, skirts, shorts, rain jackets, and pyjamas. You should also consider carrying the required summer shoes for kids such as sneakers, flip flops, or sandals. Due to the hot weather of summer, a good sun hat, swimwear, and sunglasses should also be on your packing list.

  • First-Aid Kit

  • Place a first-aid kit that is geared toward kids in your bag. This will help cover those cuts and scrapes from the many broken glass beer bottles you may encounter on your trip. Also, it's good to include some Benadryl in this kit for allergic reactions.

  • Baby wipes and hand sanitiser

  • Baby wipes are great to have on hand at all times, especially during summer travels because they are so convenient to use while on the road and they're effective at killing germs that spread infection.

  •  Weatherproof Gear

  • Weather can change quickly and you need to be prepared for an emergency, whether it’s a sudden downpour or an unexpected thunderstorm. Pack an emergency blanket or an umbrella that you can use to cover your children.

  •  Toys for Kids

  • Prepare for changes in your schedule by packing some of your favourite toys. Consider packing things that are small enough to pack in a backpack or smaller items that could easily fit in a backpack like puzzle boards and blocks.

  •  Travel Journal

  • Consider getting a travel journal as an activity for your children on vacation. Help them write down their adventure, from the beginning of your trip to the end.

  •  Battery pack

  • A battery pack will help in keeping all your electronic devices charged up. This can be a true life-saver in cases where your phone’s battery might run empty and you need emergency services.

  •  Camera gear

  • During a family trip, it is important to carry a camera and take photos with the kids. These photos will serve as a memory of the interesting things that you did as a family.

  • Car seat organizer

  • If your family likes to travel a lot, car seat organizers can be very handy. They will hold all the children’s stuff in one place and save you a lot of vexation that you would be getting from kids as they look for their things.

  •  Water bottles

  • No matter where you go on your summer vacation, remember that it’s important to take water bottles for both you and your children.


    An effective packing list isn't just about packing only the most important items, it's about carefully selecting what you pack with your kids in mind. Some of the items mentioned above should be included in your family vacation packing list to ensure you have the essentials for a relaxing, fun trip with the kids. 

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