This visual fit technology ensures a proper initial fit and just as important, allows continuous monitoring of growth so shoes can be replaced before they are too small

  • Seaway Footwear bought the rights to the ToeZone license 10 years ago
  • ToeZone Brand is being re-launched in 2016 focusing on the UK, US and Australasian markets.
  • Visual Fit Technology was invented in 1991, and patented in 2000. Marketed as ToeZone, the technology has evolved into recognized valuable independent children’s footwear brand trusted across world.
  • ToeZone name is a registered trademark with US patent and Trademard office.
  • US and international utility patents covering the fitting technology, – US patent no.6415530
  • The ToeZone concept is designed to make shoe shopping simple for busy parents and fun for kids too.
  • There are two parts of the brand, to make sure The ToeZone brand covers all the key kids fashion looks of the season, ToeZone Casual and ToeZone sport both with the innovative ToeZone fitting technology.